Ravers and students alike were left incredulous on Saturday night after Motion played host to a tune containing a lyric.

The playing of a track marks a sharp digression from Motion’s tried-and-tested formula of exclusively blasting repetitive soul-numbing bangers.

Its regular clientele are known for their love of narcotics, glitter and Ralph Lauren caps, not sung locutions – especially when ketted up to their molars.

The Whip was on the scene immediately as the crowds dissipated at 6am to speak to UoB student James Beard. He witnessed the nightclub’s surprise change of approach.

Struggling to talk while aggressively chewing gum, James explained what the club got wrong.

‘I came to Motion to vibe out to some sick beats and get sweaty as fuck, not listen to words. Like, if I wanted to listen to words I would go to my seminar tomorrow morning, speak to my parents, or something similarly tragic.

‘It seems nowadays that they’ve got some kind of agenda to force us to converse like functioning members of society and that’s simply not the role this nightclub has in Bristol culture. Frankly, they’re rising above their station and trying to dictate certain standards of communication, and none of us like it.’

The Whip reached out to Motion for comment. They replied with a link to a term-less 30 minute Soundcloud set, presumably in a bid to reaffirm their reputation after this latest scandal.

Fergus Horsfall