Outrage as entire road’s gender and race assumed

The popular road has yet to comment.

‘Valentine’s Day is a capitalist construct’ sobs lonely, unwanted second year

'Yeah, by lying here in bed and weeping I’m really sticking it to the man.’

Student gives up for Lent

Third year taking its toll.

‘Oh shit, I have 9ams for the rest of my life!’...

A 9-6 working day is incompatible with an Mbargo-determined sleep cycle.

Film review: ‘Hand Solo: the Life of an Engineering Student’

The film follows a lonely nerd and his quest for sexual gratification.

Anytime Fitness opens new ‘more realistic’ branch Sometimes Fitness

Students can now go once or twice a year guilt-free.

‘I LOVE Loyle Carner and Mac DeMarco!’ bleats recently shepherded sheep

"Oh yeah and I voted for Corbyn."

Last Bicep queuer enters Motion

Two months and thirteen days later.

Churchill fresher discovers Favell House, plants flag, colonises

She was walking home from Thekla.

eBay confirms £34bn takeover of Clifton and Stoke Bishop Tickets

Revolutionising e-commerce forever.