Stoke Bishop Stories stoked to show Stoke’s Bishop’s Stoke Bishop visit

'We’re absolutely stoked' commented Simon Stokes.

Scotland follows Catalonia and declares independence from Spain

‘We’re in enough of a mess without random areas of the country suddenly declaring independence from foreign states'

Non-DJs added to list of UoB minority groups by SU

UoB student DJs outnumber non-DJs 7:1.

Tinder users devastated to leave EU singles market

‘I haven’t had sex since 1973'

Theresa May vows to put a cap on every Bristol fresher...

'Ralph Lauren or otherwise, this policy is long overdue.'

Scientists dumfounded as student in smoking area has everything required to...

Baccy ✔️Rizla ✔️Filter ✔️

University of Bristol unveils new TITS Library

The TITS will sit proudly next to the ASS Library on Tyndall Avenue!

Second years bewildered to discover 93-year-old neighbour ‘not a fan’ of...

'He’s probably more of a deep house guy'

‘I’ll buy you a drink in there’ lies fare-dodging taxi prick

Four people also asked to borrow rizlas.

Student Conservatives announce plans to talk to girl by 2027

'I am happy to announce a long-term policy that is so crazily ambitious.'