Population of North London set to triple as UoB breaks up for Christmas holidays

The sudden influx of red puffer jackets is nothing to worry about, says Sadiq Khan.

Fresher arrested on suspicion of selling crack

Investigations are ongoing.

Pile of washing up in Redland house named tallest structure in northern hemisphere

They have to descend several hundred floors of crusty kitchenware to cook pizza.

‘Nut roasts are just as good as turkey!’ lies Cowspiracy vegetarian convert

'I feel better than all the global warmers at the table!’

Prince Harry first ginger to get engaged this year

He’s defied the odds.

Public school fresher still resolutely white after attending Reggae Soc

A public school fresher has expressed his dismay after attending a Reggae Society meeting in the SU and remaining decidedly Caucasian, despite participating in...

Desperate master’s applicant turns to Howard Webb as academic referee

'Who has better judgement than the 2010 FIFA World Cup final ref?'

Fresher yet to sign second year house condemned to one hundred years of solitude

They should give up all hope of seeing another living soul until 2117.