Eager ski tripper disappointed by lack of snow at Blue Mountain

Alpine conditions were not ideal.

Woodland Road twinned with Champs-Élysées after student beret surge

‘I felt a couple of dismissive shrugs away from the streets of Paris!'

Nicola Sturgeon demands second SU referendum on UoB Pastoral Hubs

She is literally obsessed with referendums.

Bitcoin twat buys Audi, becomes Audi twat

An evolutionary phenomenon.

Outrage as entire road’s gender and race assumed

The popular road has yet to comment.

‘Valentine’s Day is a capitalist construct’ sobs lonely, unwanted second year

'Yeah, by lying here in bed and weeping I’m really sticking it to the man.’

Student gives up for Lent

Third year taking its toll.

Film review: ‘Hand Solo: the Life of an Engineering Student’

The film follows a lonely nerd and his quest for sexual gratification.

Anytime Fitness opens new ‘more realistic’ branch Sometimes Fitness

Students can now go once or twice a year guilt-free.

Churchill fresher discovers Favell House, plants flag, colonises

She was walking home from Thekla.