Students more likely to see Loch Ness Monster than personal tutor

Personal tutors remain a mere urban myth.

Fresher looking for grinder accidentally bangs three men

A great time was had by all!

‘The UH boys used to call me Bluntflaps’ reveals Bristol alumnus James in shock...

James left no stone unturned in his most recent harrowing interview.

Stoke Bishop Stories stoked to show Stoke’s Bishop’s Stoke Bishop visit

'We’re absolutely stoked' commented Simon Stokes.

Scotland follows Catalonia and declares independence from Spain

‘We’re in enough of a mess without random areas of the country suddenly declaring independence from foreign states'

Tinder users devastated to leave EU singles market

‘I haven’t had sex since 1973'

Theresa May vows to put a cap on every Bristol fresher by January 2018

'Ralph Lauren or otherwise, this policy is long overdue.'

Student Conservatives announce plans to talk to girl by 2027

'I am happy to announce a long-term policy that is so crazily ambitious.'