Nicola Sturgeon promises second once in a lifetime Scottish independence referendum

Nicola Sturgeon, in an original and unprecedented political move, has today announced plans for a second ‘once in a lifetime’ Scottish independence referendum. It is...

Fresher arrested on suspicion of selling crack

Investigations are ongoing.

Local man not sure if he hates career politicians or Korea politicians more

As 2016 draws to a close the quality of news at The Whip may continue to diminish at an impressive rate. To keep filling...

Students more likely to see Loch Ness Monster than personal tutor

Personal tutors remain a mere urban myth.

Theresa May found Googling Brexit definition alone in toilet

Prime Minister Theresa May was today found desperately trawling the internet in a Downing St lavatory in a vain attempt to decode newly coined...

Art Attack Presenter Neil Buchanan Revealed as Chief Brexit Advisor

Theresa May has today revealed her chief Brexit advisor and the brains behind her “red, white, and blue Brexit” catchphrase to be none other...

Scotland follows Catalonia and declares independence from Spain

‘We’re in enough of a mess without random areas of the country suddenly declaring independence from foreign states'

‘Nut roasts are just as good as turkey!’ lies Cowspiracy vegetarian convert

'I feel better than all the global warmers at the table!’