UKIP vows to send African dust storm back to where it came from

‘I want to literally get rid of foreign muck.'

Tories announce Gove In:Motion set in final desperate bid for student vote

It's billed as a 'mind altering onslaught of industrial techno'.

PwC recruiters ‘deeply impressed’ by CV’s Bronze D of E award

‘3rd team hockey is also something that sets candidates apart.’

Tokyo World ‘not what we expected’ admit Japanese exchange students

'This is not what Japan is like at all'

BREAKING: fresher commits to more than 600 societies

In a horrifying attempt to get involved with University life and ‘take every opportunity that arises’ Badock fresher Samantha Gregory this afternoon rampantly put...

Nicola Sturgeon promises second once in a lifetime Scottish independence referendum

Nicola Sturgeon, in an original and unprecedented political move, has today announced plans for a second ‘once in a lifetime’ Scottish independence referendum. It is...

Theresa May: ‘Hi there, I’d like to order some opposition please?’

Prime Minister Theresa May has been caught by senior staff attempting to order in "some kind of opposition" to the Cabinet Office Sunday evening. The...

Leaked Hunt memo reveals NHS crisis solution: futons

A leaked dossier from the office of Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt has placed futons at the centre of government plans to...

Refugees refuse to work for tax-dodging Starbucks

After a valiant pledge to hire 10,000 new workers to help the refugee crisis, Starbucks’ history of tax-avoidance has once again become a subject...