Labour ahead in polls after groundbreaking student Facebook status


Experts suggest Tim’s use of angry and sad emojis was a crucial factor in tipping the national political outlook.

Jeremy Corbyn’s marked increase in recent polls is entirely down to the furious Facebook presence of a 21-y

ear-old Bristol student, the BBC confirmed this morning.

It seems French undergraduate Felix Sainty’s broadcasting of a series of anti-Tory sentences to his indifferent cohort of social media connections finally tipped the national consciousness in favour of the leftist leader.

The post, which was liked by 24 people and shared by two, scathingly branded the prime minister fascist, called for unilateral nuclear and non-nuclear disarmament, and was apparently so ‘unbelievably hardcore progressive’ that people up and down the nation couldn’t help but take notice.

Despite reasonable points in the comments section from his mum and best mate suggesting he focus

more on those suffering from social care and NHS cuts, Mr Sainty went on to label Philip Hammond the ‘heir to Himmler’ and fox hunters ‘the Zionists of the countryside’.

The Whip made contact with Felix’s mum on Monday evening. We informed her that it was her son’s Facebook post that will likely clinch victory for the Labour Party.

‘Oh that’s good,’ she began, ‘Felix has been a big fan of Mr Corbyn for a couple of weeks now, so it’s good to hear he’s been at least a little influential in helping out the party.’

‘At first I was bit concerned because he can get a little anxious about social media sometimes. Usually, for example, he’d just add a template to his profile picture or something, but it’s good to hear his apoplectic, virtue-signalling, emoji-stained proclamation made a difference’ she concluded.

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