Ex-state school student accidentally attends University of Bristol ski trip

‘How can the powder be ‘classic’? Surely it’s new snow?’

Following the University of Bristol’s Ski Trip to Alpe d’Huez one distressed student got in touch with The Whip. The first-year, who asked to remain anonymous, has spoken out. She felt it necessary ‘to raise awareness so that we can prevent anyone else from finding themselves in my situation’.

A Whip writer spoke with her about the experience.

Whip: Why did you initially decide to go on the ski trip?

Student: I just fancied having a go at skiing to be honest. I had been a couple of times at Milton Keynes snow dome and thought it looked more fun on the real slopes!

W: How was the ski trip different to what you expected?

S: Well first of all, I felt a bit out of place in my gear. Everyone else was wearing brightly coloured one-pieces that most of them, I gathered, had inherited from their parents.

W: What did you think of their outfits?

S: I thought they looked pretty stupid to be honest, seeing as I was just wearing normal clothes – black Nevica jacket and Campri salopettes. But in the end they were all so good at skiing that I felt like the stupid one.

W: Did you know a lot of people on the trip?

S: Not really, no. I got chatting to a few people at bars though. Most of them were from Churchill and other Stoke Bishop halls. It is Stoke Bishop right? Well anyway, they were from somewhere that most of the uni isn’t that aware of – but they didn’t seem to mind.

W: How did you find meeting these students?

S: One of them asked me if there were actually any non-catered halls. Loads of people asked me where I was from and where I went to school, and kept repeating the questions when I said the same place for both answers.

W: Do you think you’ll go again next year?

S: I doubt it, although I did enjoy learning to ski, it was a really disorientating week. Everyone there was alright, but the amount of weird words they use is pretty mental. How can powder be ‘classic’? Surely it’s new snow? And why was I meant to be getting ‘hooned’ at the après? How do I do that?

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