Fresher devastated as Nigerian Prince fails to send LSTD ticket

She never received the email.

A Bristol fresher has been left inconsolable after a Prince from Nigeria renegaded on his promise to send her a Love Saves the Day ticket.

Jenny Carter-Williamson paid £115 to access the entire weekend of the festival, but never received an email containing her two-day pass.

She has already begun messaging friends asking to re-use theirs, and has mocked up a few alternate entry plans, including climbing over the fence and ‘just literally walking in confidently, genuinely it actually works’.

She took to Facebook to criticise the Prince in question for his behaviour: ‘I am appalled by Prince Bakare’s betrayal of my trust, it is totally outrageous.’

Jenny, who survives on a paltry monthly allowance of £500, is now struggling to afford student essentials such as avocado and dizz.

‘He didn’t send me the ticket, but it could have been my fault. He said he needed my Barclays account number, sort code and security number first, which I sent just this morning.

‘Fingers crossed that’ll mean I can go and see all the acts at Love Saves this year – I love Kurupt FM!’

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