Interview: UoB post-grad confirms FemSoc ‘absolutely crawling with gash’

A postgraduate student at the University of Bristol has revealed he joined the Feminist Society to ‘meet women’. Unaware of the organisation’s purpose, the second year went along to the first social of Easter term.

The Whip found out more.

Whip: What were your expectations before you went along to Feminist Society?

Student: To be honest I hadn’t given it a lot of thought. I just thought a society about women seemed like my kind of thing, which it was, really!

W: Were you aware of the term ‘feminist’?

S: I am aware of the term, yes. It’s just no-one had every explained to me that ‘Fem’ in ‘FemSoc’ means ‘Feminism’ rather than ‘feminine’. Do you understand my confusion? Of course I know all about feminism [emphasis his] – it’s just initially I thought it’d literally just be about women, rather than their rights.

W: How did you get on with the people there?

S: Pretty well, all in all. Some of them were a bit angry when I tried to take photos of them, though. I asked one or two for their phone numbers but they politely declined.

W: Do you think you’ll go again?

S: Probably – the place was crawling with gash. Also, it was pretty cool feeling like I was part of a big progressive movement. So yeah, a winning combo. I call it ‘tail and campaign trail’ – pretty clever right?

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