Labour Party in disarray after accidentally uploading draft manifesto to Blackboard

Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign has been thrown into uncertainty once again after it emerged that a draft manifesto was accidentally uploaded to Blackboard the night before it was due to be handed in.

The draft manifesto had a strong focus on ‘denationalisation’. However, when contacting the School of Arts administration team there are reports that the Leader of the Opposition has being trying his best to focus solely on ‘resubmission’.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell gave some insight into the atmosphere in the Labour camp.

‘Jeremy’s in a bad place about it to be honest. If they don’t let him resubmit, he could be looking at a low 2:2 – or even a third. He’s going to be shitting up the wall when he checks his rubric. We’re all very concerned.’

Despite their worries it’s not all bad for Labour’s team – in ignoring the submission instructions, which has been accredited as the primary reason for the mistimed draft upload, Theresa May’s adversary framed himself as a leader that doesn’t play by the rules.

One student at Bristol University agreed, ‘he’s a role model to the younger generation. I’ve thought so many times about leaving the submission sheet blank as it’s a frustrating errand, but I’ve never had the bollocks.

‘He’s hardcore. Or as I say sometimes, Hardcorbyn.’


Aaron Drapkin

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