Le Pen slinks back into pencil case

After a decisive loss in the second round of the French elections far right candidate Marine Le Pen has largely disappeared from the public eye. However, reports are suggesting that she was spotted last night retreating into a large pencil case at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts – Paris’ renowned art school.

A couple walking late at night reported seeing a slender figure moving swiftly and silently through the shadowy backstreets of Champs-Elysées, pausing only occasionally to write baseless insults about President-elect Emmanuel Macron on walls.

“At first we thought it was some kind of mime,” the pair said “but we quickly realised that it had to be a piece of stationary of titanic proportions. The lettering, albeit sloppy, childish and racially charged, was absolutely huge.”

Once the sun rose it became obvious to experts that the Front National leader’s trail was heading straight for the school.

“She tends to display this sort of behaviour when stressed,” noted one “it’s no surprise really. This lady takes isolationism to its intellectual extreme – in this instance, securing herself inside a massive stationary container.”

Although Ms Le Pen shows no sign of emerging, pundits predict that something must give soon if she is to have sufficient time to train her daughter Mathilde to lose the 2032 French election by a mere 14%.

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