Student feedback survey indicates students “absolutely desperate” for more student feedback surveys

A breaking student survey has found that students are in fact “absolutely desperate for many, many more” student surveys. The findings indicated that the only problem students had with the current surveys is their relative infrequency.

The 196 question poll was sent to all students at the University and had a 98% response rate. 95% of students chose “would like more”, “desperate for more” or “practically gagging for more” surveys.

The Whip spoke to final year Philosophy student James. “A few days ago I was asked how my university experience could be improved and I answered how all lectures should go automatically on Mediasite.’

“Although they haven’t changed anything, I didn’t mind because yesterday they asked me to fill in another identical survey – which was totally fantastic!”

They then asked me to fill in a survey about how many surveys I fill in. That was a really nice touch.”

However, not all students seem to share James’ enthusiasm. Second year psychology student Laura told The Whip that she would like to see “more action based on the surveys, rather than just more surveys,” before quickly adding “not that I don’t love surveys, guys!” and looking around her friendship group nervously.

In light of the feedback the University has decided to expand its questionnaire topics to review “library bathroom vibes, tutor hairstyles and lecture hall seat colours”.


Luke Cox

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