Tokyo World ‘not what we expected’ admit Japanese exchange students

‘This is not what Japan is like at all’

A group of Japanese international students were left bewildered on Sunday afternoon after attending the Tokyo World day festival in Bristol.

The drug-fuelled glitter orgy took place at Eastville Park and is popular among Bristol-based students looking to forget the imminent responsibilities of university with two days of pounding techno music, dizzying lights and a good helping of not-being-able-to-find-your-friends.

However, the group of international students were left disgruntled after discovering that, despite its billing, the event offered no references to Japanese culture whatsoever and failed to deliver the blast of homely familiarity desired by the East Asian cohort.

Unfortunately for the students in question, who wished to remain anonymous, this was not so clear when the tickets to the weekend long danceathon were purchased online.

One individual spoke to The Whip Monday evening.

‘I thought I was going to a genuine celebration of Japanese culture – a place of learning, sharing and exploring. Instead, it was just a load of teenagers in a field on MDMA asking each other for chewing gum.

‘Aside from the beautiful scenery, this is not what Japan is like at all. It was really not what we expected.’

He continued, ‘I was looking forward to attending a workshop on Japan’s technological infrastructure and post-war economic breakthroughs, but instead I stood in the rain watching Lady Leshurr. By any standards, that isn’t a fair trade off.’

In light of the confusion, the University of Bristol has pledged to distribute more information to international students regarding the largely arbitrary process of British music nomenclature.

The student has since lodged a formal complaint against Tokyo World under the trade descriptions act of 1983 (see subsection 4.2 for ‘misleading venue/event names’).

Aaron Drapkin

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