Considerate Redland second years lower house music to 500 decibels

‘We can also hear the doorbell sometimes now’

Residents of Redland were pleasantly surprised last night after a local student digs was considerate enough to turn their music down to a mere five hundred decibels.

Homeowners living either side of the house were initially concerned after shockwaves coming from the property reached levels capable of ‘annihilating nearby man-made structures’.

Fortunately, they were happy with the subsequent response.

One sleep deprived neighbour commented ‘as much as we understand that students want to let their hair down and have a good time, when the noise hit 700 decibels, we decided enough was enough,’ she remarked.

‘I don’t mind having to watch Jeremy Kyle with the subtitles on, but I don’t want a hamster with two burst eardrums. We thank the boys next door for being reasonable enough to reach a compromise.’

The students gracefully accepted a truce at the five hundred decibel mark in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The Whip caught up with Henry, a resident of the house who took us inside his self-proclaimed ‘sesh dungeon’ to explain what happened.

‘It’s obviously a shame we can’t party to our full potential,’ he screamed over the pounding basslines, ‘but we have to think about the people around us who don’t share the same passion for deep house.

‘We can also hear the doorbell sometimes now which is alright.’

Some residents still struggling with the new, lower level of noise have been advised by local authorities to invest in reliable ear protection, whilst others have been offered free classes in British Sign language to in order to communicate with family members.

Aaron Drapkin

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