Fresher pitches tent as wait for weed guy enters 3rd trimester

A porter tripped on a guy rope.

A deep fog of concern has descended upon Badock Hall as one of its freshers was again found huddled in a tent by Stoke Park Road after a much-delayed drug pick-up.

At 8am on Thursday morning the halls’ porter tripped on a guy rope before spotting the makeshift campsite in a small holly bush.

Inside the Lucozade pop-up – adorned with Boomtown logo and all – sat Philosophy and Theology student Tommy.

Cold and frightened, the Stoke Bishop newbie invited security man Richard Finbury in.

The Whip received a first-hand retelling of the boy’s predicament this morning thereafter.

‘I’d been waiting outside for, I dunno, maybe two or three days, so I thought it’d be sensible at that point to get somewhere to camp. I was shivering and wet, and had only my lighter to keep me warm.

‘I think Argos same day delivery might have saved my life. I was short of a roll mat, but luckily I had my Northface, so I used that for a blanket.’

The halls’ representatives have expressed deep concern about the incident. They have accused Bristol drug dealers of being irresponsible and insist that they speed up their services if they wish to still deliver to Stoke Bishop.

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