Jason Donervan finally awarded third Michelin star

They’ve spent far too long with just two.

Triangle kebab kingpin Jason Donvervan were endowed with their third Michelin award yesterday after almost a decade languishing as a two star establishment.

The final jewel in the crown, which was awarded by a panel of chefs, businessmen and food hygiene officers, was granted to Jason’s for ‘providing, over many years the consistently excellent service we expect from a two star establishment looking to reach further into the highest echelons of modern cuisine,’ a spokesperson for Michelin explained.

For some however, the award is long overdue. The international restaurant review group came under fire from grassroots pressure groups in Bristol’s student areas, most notably from ‘Jason Donerfans’.

A spokesman for the collective suggested the panel should ‘review the entire Michelin criteria system’, and claimed the panel have for years failed to understand ‘how good cheesy gravy chips with nuggets tastes after a Bunker Wednesday’.

For the unveiling of star number three, which will take place next week, select members from Michelin’s governing body will be invited to sample a range of Jason’s most popular dishes, including the signature ‘Donor Burger’, and most excitingly the ‘yeh just fucking loads of kebab meat please mate with loads of ketchup, nice one thanks’, which has gained a cult following in the local student community.

The third Michelin star comes at a fantastic time for the mobile meat merchandiser, as they are looking to promote and set up a permanent sister eatery, ‘The Hanging Gardens of Kebabylon’, at an undisclosed location near the Triangle.

Aaron Drapkin

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