Entire student body still laughing at ingenious ‘fake seller’ Clifton and Stoke Bishop comment

Nicholas, previously a loser, posted the comment in a rush of creative genius.

A second year history student is set to become the latest BNOC after his ‘fake seller’ comment on a friend’s post received 300 likes, 24 love reacts, and 4250 hahas.

Nicholas Whenby, a previously uncared for loser, posted the comment in a spontaneous rush of creative genius after a close acquaintance posted “selling a Blast Motion ticket – £25” on the popular resale page. His comment quickly went viral, garnering such responses as ‘hhahahha love it’, ‘absolutely classic mate’, and the needlessly aggressive ‘laughed so hard I prolapsed’.

The Whip caught up with Nicholas this morning after his frenetic meet-and-greet autograph session in the ASS library.

‘To me, comedy is not something I’ve chosen, but a path that was chosen for me. I think the joke resonates with so many people because my friend is, in fact, not a fake seller, but my comment may have led some people to believe that she actually was. It’s a textbook case of misdirection.

‘I’ve had people come up to me and say “Oh, Nicholas, your comment made me reevaluate what comedy is, oh, you’re my idol, sign my tits please” and all that, but I’m really trying hard to stay grounded and humble. Never forget your roots, bless up.

‘The beauty of the comment is that no one has made that joke before – comedic integrity is highly valued in this profession and it is something that I take very seriously indeed. I’ve seen a few copycat responses on the page in recent hours and have reported these to the Facebook authorities, as I am morally obliged to do.

‘I’m currently working on some new material, perhaps sardonically utilising the “Interested!” and “Is this still available?” functions in the comment section, but I don’t want to give too much away. Hang on a second, I’m just getting a call from Jonathan Ross – I’m gunna have to dash.’

The joke continues to be repeated around the UoB campus this afternoon, with many students still giddy from reading such comedy gold. However, the Blast ticket remains unsold.

Ed Strang

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