Stoke Bishop Stories stoked to show Stoke’s Bishop’s Stoke Bishop visit

‘We’re absolutely stoked’ commented Simon Stokes.

Today, the editor for UBTV’s semi-popular Stoke Bishop Stories series has announced that it will be providing exclusive coverage of a visit by none other than the Bishop of Stoke, who will be visiting his daughter, a student in Wills Hall.

‘We’re absolutely stoked,’ remarked Simon Stokes, a senior on-set studio supervision specialist, ‘surely it’s a special scene to see shown on your screens?’

The decision has not been without criticism however.

‘Perhaps Protestants should pull up their pumps and provide protective plastic pregnancy prevention pouches in particularly poor parishes to perk their population’ noted Atheist Society’s presently presiding President Paula Presley, providing persuasive points.

The Whip was warded away when wondering whether the Bishop of Stoke wanted to wade into the wild word wrangle.

Luke Cox

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