Geography students return to lectures after colouring week

‘I’ve worked 9am-6pm every day this week!’

This morning saw the return of Bristol’s Geography cohort from its mid-term break. Although lectures were suspended the faculty this morning reported the vast majority students managed to remain focused on their studies, committing hours to the single activity that determines their final degree mark: colouring, and specifically, colouring-in.

The Whip’s Geography correspondent spoke to a returning student.

‘I’ve worked 9am-6pm every day this week, which makes me feel pretty confident for the rest of the term.

‘I’m probably most proud about nailing the filling-in of Ethiopia last Wednesday. It was pretty tough because of Djibouti’s border. It’s this tiny little ‘C’ shape, and so easy to miss.

‘So easy, in fact, that on other occasions over my Geography career I have actually accidentally filled in the small republic with the same colour as Ethiopia. This time I managed to avoid doing so though – aside from a most minor over-scribble. That gave me a real buzz!

‘Ultimately crisis was avoided, though, as I cleverly covered that up with a nice rouge, and all was well. For the first time the Horn of Africa has been depicted with total accuracy by yours truly!’ Explained the student.

Professors have also revealed their pleasure at examining the top quality work over the Autumn term.

‘I think we’ll be able to award a good number of firsts this year. The colours have really lit up the Geography department, there’s a real sense of optimism!’

The Bristol community looks forward to the release of some of the best colouring works of the Geography department.

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