Louis Theroux to present next series of Stoke Bishop Stories

A peculiar career choice for the much-loved journalist.

UBTV have today announced that prominent filmmaker Louis Theroux is set to host the next instalment of Stoke Bishop Stories.

The highly influential and critically acclaimed journalist suggested that moving to present Bristol’s least respected media outlet was a ‘wise move’ for his career. We caught up with him as he left the SU after securing this deal.

‘This is an obvious step for me. After filming My Scientology Movie, I really thought I’d investigated the most bizarre and controversial members of society. I’d hung up my camera, bought a beach house and taken up life drawing.

‘But when UBTV got in touch and offered me this role, I realised I’d made a mistake.

‘I did some research (classic me) and found that the Stoke Bishop Halls of Residents is a collection of communities playing host to some of the most absurd groups of people I’d ever come across. I had to know more.

‘Sub-sections of this fascinating society include the Ralph Lauren road man, the Badock DJ and the notorious ‘gap year girl’, all of whom have – bizarrely – never featured in any of my projects.

‘With this new venture I hope to shine a light on communal student living like never before – I feel I’m on the cusp of something really special, and the world deserves to know.’

This next series of Stoke Bishop Stories is set to take its place alongside Cowspiracy, Amy and Before the Flood as one of the most important documentaries of the decade.

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