Bristol University to host first episode of Channel 4’s ‘Come Down With Me’

A point will be deducted if the host runs out of long rizlas.

The University of Bristol has been chosen as the first location for Channel 4’s newest billing ‘Come Down With Me’.

The show will feature five students hosting a day of emotional and physical recovery after a Motion MDMA binge and was given the go-ahead after the pilot performed well in focus groups.

‘We thought it would be best, in the current media climate, to capitalise on some quirky little youth trends. In this case, a fun clash of class A drugs and family-friendly daytime TV’ explained a research spokesperson for the channel.

The format for ‘Come Down With Me’ will vary slightly from its parent show ‘Come Dine With Me’.

From now on, contestants rate how shit they feel at the end of the day compared to when they woke up, rather than a block scoring system for the night overall.

To keep things fair, pharmacologist Dr David Amardo will be using the tested Davidson Chemical Metric system to measure blood-MDMA levels. Contestants must be between ‘pilled to the limit’ and ‘absolutely fucking mashed to their limit’ in order to qualify for the show.

Participants will score their counterparts on several sub-categories, including ‘come down munch’, ‘rolling resources’ and ‘provision of cosy blankets and sad music’.

A point will be deducted if the host runs out of long rizlas, and the night will be cut short if a light is turned on or someone wants to go outside.

The first come down will be shot at an eight-man student house in Redland, described by show producers as ‘exactly what we were looking for.

‘It really is great when you’re filming a new show to have the initial location squared away quickly’ said Assistant Director Graham Tinley.

‘We thought it was going to take ages. Ideally, we really wanted something that simultaneously screamed “shithole crack den” and “private school posho pad”, so when we started the search in Redland we realised we were spoilt for choice.’

Aaron Drapkin

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