Early exam finisher resorts to revising quantum physics to fill post-exam void

One student shares her devastating story.

A second year English student has today approached The Whip to report on the struggle and plight of those whose exams have already finished.

Acting as a representative for this disadvantaged demographic, Alice Baxter explained how, since her exam finished on Thursday 11 January, she’s been forced to take up pottery classes, learn conversational Mandarin and most recently return to the University precinct to try her hand at quantum physics.

We caught up with her as she left the Wills Memorial library at 10pm yesterday evening.

‘It’s really difficult for us finishers. I’ve been at a complete loss as to what to do. Going back to the ASS to do a victory lap of the second floor didn’t give me the buzz I thought it might.

‘Sure, being able to sleep past half seven is great, but the unadulterated ecstasy of a leisurely egg-based brunch soon wears off.

‘I’d watched the whole of Game of Thrones and made four ceramic vases when my housemate suggested I help her prepare for her physics exam. I used cue-cards to test her, but I personally couldn’t quite grasp the degenerate perturbation theory, the relativistic quantum field theory or the loop quantum gravitational theory.

‘I had literally no plans at all for the next two weeks, so I headed back to the library that afternoon.’

The University and the NUS have released a statement expressing their ‘unending sympathy’ to Alice and those in a similarly dire position.

Imogen Sewell

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