First year Arts student attends first and final lecture of term

When will first-day fever wear off? Tomorrow, apparently.

Unprecedented numbers of first year students are due to go to uni today across the Arts department, with attendance expecting to be the highest of this academic year.

It seems as though many Arts students, usually notorious for their absence in lectures, saw the first day of TB2 as an opportunity to start afresh and finally get their money’s worth.

According to one student, 9am lectures this morning were so full that many were forced to sit on the floor. Students at the 11am Approaches to Shakespeare lecture likened their experience to Motion’s infamously busy Bicep event last term.

The Whip spoke to Johnny Tompkins, one of the lecture attendees.

‘I was pretty busy last term so I didn’t really get to try the whole lecture thing. A couple of my friends had already been to one and they said they got a real kick out of it – a real sense of achievement.

‘So, I thought, why not?’ He continued.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture. I managed to get a decent sense of what he was saying whilst also browsing on Depop for a new North Face micro-puffer.

‘Much as I enjoyed the first lecture, I’m not sure I’ll go to another. I do feel I’ve got my money’s worth now, and to be honest, who actually comes to uni for the education?

‘Plus, you can catch up on missed lectures on media site now. Yeah, I did that once.’

Attendance rates are expected to plummet again tomorrow after the ‘first-day fever’ dies off.

Nonetheless, Johnny has urged his peers to give lectures a go, and expects a lot of them will. He, however, is expected to retire from the lecture game once again.

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