Last Bicep queuer enters Motion

Two months and thirteen days later.

In the early hours of this morning, the last person in the Bicep queue was granted entry to Bristol’s superclub Motion, a whole two months and thirteen days after she joined the back of the line in November.

While waiting in the cold for admittance to hear her favourite electronic dance duo, Millie Bridger, a second year Maths student, missed her family’s Christmas day celebrations, all four of her January exams and the birth of her little sister.

The Whip caught up with her at the bar as she ordered a can of red stripe at 4am this morning. Bicep’s set was, to her dismay, over.

“I’ve never experienced a queue like it!’ she exclaimed, taking a swig from her can of Jamaican lager.

“The first week or so was quite fun: the atmosphere was great, lots of like-minded people in one coked-up, overcrowded line. About half way through December was when spirits started to waiver. It got a bit cold, you see.

“Christmas day was great though – we managed to bribe one of the security staff to run in and get us some chips from the Kebab van, and we had our own little festive soiree, leaning against the railings!”

When asked about missing Bicep’s set, Millie conceded: “I guess I don’t mind too much, apparently it was rammed.”

Following this interview, The Whip oversaw Millie’s admittance to hospital. She currently being treated for frostbite in her left foot. It is understood she will lose her big toe.


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