Nicola Sturgeon demands second SU referendum on UoB Pastoral Hubs

She is literally obsessed with referendums.

Nicola Sturgeon has today announced that the SNP is fully committed to backing a second referendum on UoB’s proposed residential changes. She insisted one should be held ‘within the next four years.’

The statement comes as a shock to some, as the party has previously shown no signs of branching southward on student policy issues. Others are in no way surprised at all, pointing to Sturgeon’s fervent and impassioned obsession with referendums.

Reactions from the student body to a second vote have been mixed. The Whip caught up with some of them.

First year Economics student Josh Healey voiced his anger at the SNP’s demand. ‘We’ve had the result and that’s that. Brexit means Brexit, No SU support for Pastoral Hubs means No SU support for Pastoral Hubs. I’ve only just taken my banner down’.

Alice Devos, however, supports the call for a second referendum. ‘We should call another referendum for sure, and after that maybe a third and fourth. Democracy is very important.’

She continued ‘I think we should have a referendum on referendums really, and three rounds of consultation about that too.’

James Hall

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