Snow completely melts away along with all hope of achieving a first

Desperate news.

The last of Bristol’s snow disappeared in complete unison with final year students’ hopes of receiving first-class degrees last night.

The spectacle occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and its effects can be felt in Redland, Cotham and Clifton.

The Whip spoke with Patrick, a Clifton resident.

‘I’m a bit of a sucker for natural phenomena, but nothing I’ve seen before compares to this.

‘It was like the whole atmosphere of the city changed permanently overnight. As the last of the snow melted away, what I can only describe as a spiritual weight floated up and out of the student houses around me.

‘There was a short, sharp exhalation that could be heard throughout the city, followed by a euphoric sense of calm. On top of that, the snow finally cleared on the roads to leave the tarmac uncovered.

‘The road leading to Bargs is now literally and metaphorically clear of any obstacles.’

The sudden alignment of the weather and student prospects is, according to BBC Points West, a ‘once-in-a-lifetime event’, likening it to a solar eclipse or the Northern Lights.

According to experts, it was the rare combination of snow, strikes and student apathy that led to this phenomenon.

This is known as the ‘magic formula’.

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