‘There should be an International Men’s Day’ and 20 other statements to repel women indefinitely

13. ‘It must be your time of the month then haha?’

1. ‘There should be an International Men’s Day’

2. ‘This beer doesn’t have enough hops’

3. ‘Do you like my new pair of skinny trackies?’

4. ‘Women’s sport isn’t on TV as much because they are physically inferior’

5. Group of friends = ‘the bois’

6. ‘I’m sort of seeing her, not really, haven’t really talked about it yet but I think it’s just casual, nothing to worry about’

7. ‘I’m playing FIFA, slow replies obvs’

8. ‘Yeah Corbyn has some good ideas, but where’s the money coming from?’

9. ‘Oh this? Yeh it’s just Lynx Africa’

10. Girlfriend = ‘the missus’

11. ‘She’s got potential mate, give it a couple of years’

12. ‘These are my festival bands from the last couple of summers’

13. ‘It must be your time of the month then haha?’

14. ‘I believe in equality, I just wouldn’t describe myself as a feminist, you know?’

15. ‘I’ve got KDB and Pog on the Ultimate Team, mate’

16. ‘Lit’

17. ‘Clarkson is fucking jokes’

18. ‘I understand why you might be vegetarian, but it’s just not a meal without meat’

19. ‘Socialism’s a nice idea but it doesn’t work in practice’

20. ‘Leng’

21. ‘Bumble is great, girls have to message first!’

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