Friendship group torn apart after each member claims mum is their ‘best friend’

‘It’s a complete betrayal of trust.’

The day dedicated to honouring maternal love turned bitter today for one group of freshers, after every member of their social circle made the drastic and controversial claim on social media that their mum is their ‘best friend’.

The group in question have reportedly vowed never to speak to each other again. The posts led to cutting comment-thread arguments (spanning across channels) and the renaming of their group chat from ‘the seven sluts’ to ‘traitors’.

The Whip spoke to one member of the now-disbanded girl gang, who wished to remain anonymous.

“It’s a disaster. It all started when [name redacted] posted on Facebook, and then [name redacted] did one on Instagram. Mine was a run of screenshots on my Instagram story, annotated in a glowing calligraphy-style font.

“At least now we all know where our allegiances lie,” she added.

“As far as I know, none of their mums have ever held their hair back while they’re sick in the Motion queue, so I really struggle see how they’re even close to ‘best friend’ status.

“It’s a complete betrayal of trust. We’ve had to call up the estate agents to see if we can cancel our tenancy agreement for next year.”

The Whip approached the now-ostrasized undergraduate behind the original Mother’s Day Facebook post. When asked if her mum was a user of social media, she declined to comment.

The Whip also made contact with the mother in said Facebook post, who confirmed that her best friend was probably ‘Leslie from her school days’ or ‘Katherine from work’.

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