‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’: remembering Bristol’s strikes, a eulogy

Attending lectures and seminars again cuts right to the centre of ones being.

On Monday students across the country woke up to the morbid realisation that a great age had come to pass. The UCU industrial action has finished, leaving thousands of devoted absentees completely devastated at the prospect of having to attend lectures and seminars.

As the iconic 1998 Glam Metal group ‘Cinderella’ famously belted out midway through their titanic second album ‘Long Cold Winter’, it seems, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’.

Having spent the best part of a month mercilessly complaining about the strikes, virtually the entire student population of Britain has been left aghast as the reality of re-engaging with academia hits them like a £27,000 wet fish.

Millie Cavendish, a 2nd year History of Art student, was left visibly distraught as she left her one hour seminar on Woodland Road on Tuesday afternoon.

‘I just can’t believe it’s over. All gone.’

‘How are we supposed to go on like this? Does this mean I can’t go to Lola’s five times a week anymore? What about solidarity and stuff? And brunch? Yeah, maybe we complained a little about our lecturers being lazy and selfish or something but… but I never wanted this!’

‘I just want the strikes back. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry’

Like many of her classmates, Millie has clearly been left utterly shellshocked and is entering the long and painful grieving process. To offer some support for the mourning droves of sobbing undergraduates, the following passage was released by Bristol’s Multi-Faith Chaplaincy during this undoubtably difficult time.

Cry not for a friend who now dreams in a distant world, my children,
O to be young and love so much yet give so little back,
Brave souls who look up at Death, and in his eyes see only darkness,
Cry not for a friend who sleeps.

To have lost is to have loved, and to have loved is to have lived,
In comfort hold this memory close to your hearts,
Tired souls who gaze into the mouth of Death, and weep,
Weep not for a friend who sleeps.

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