Every Bristol boy rolls down trousers in preparation to see home mates

‘I’m a lot more mainstream when I’m back home, you know?’

Bristol boys everywhere this week are hastily rolling their trousers down after three months of wildly irresponsible rampant ankle exposure.

Universal descending of trouser legs is thought to be commencing across the city after reports suggested many students’ friends from home find the practise, which some fashion critics are calling ‘the Redland Roll’, ‘deeply offensive’.

The Whip caught up with a group of boys completing their tri-annual roll-down outside the Arts and Social Sciences Library.

‘I’m a lot more mainstream when I’m back home, you know?’ one shin shower explained. ‘It’s not the same as Bristol.’

Another chimed in ‘I agree. I don’t want to offend anyone – it’s all about compromise.’ He continued ‘if I do roll my trousers down for example, and stop whinging about the strikes at pres, sometimes they let me listen to half of a Fatama Yamaha song before we leave.’

Despite the difficulties of keeping this practise for three weeks, the boys seemed sympathetic to the non-rollers.

‘It must be really difficult for some of my mates from back home’ one remarked. ‘I don’t even think they’ve seen their own ankles for years; whereas my flatmates in Bristol sometimes hang out with my ankles when I’m not even there. It’s just an entirely different culture I guess.’

For the more conscientious serial trouser rollers of Redland and Clifton, home pals known to be unsettled by this kind of act include non-university goers, those dicks who graduated five minutes ago but think they’re adults, and friends that go to universities in cities with less graffiti murals.

For those who will struggle not to show off the outline of their anterior tibiofibular ligament betwixt the soft cotton of a tight white sock at least once this Easter, remember that not everyone you meet will understand or be comfortable with the customs, traditions and impracticalities of Bristol fashion culture.

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