Student drafts plan to ‘hopefully think about revising soon, potentially, I guess’

Time to crack on at some point maybe!

Exam fever has officially hit the University of Bristol. With timetables set to be released later this week for the upcoming examinations, pressure is building on undergraduates to excel in, or at least pass, their end of year finals, particularly in the wake of the recent strikes.

As ever, there is a great resolve amongst the student body to perform well, but it still came as a surprise when rumours began to circulate last week about a mystical individual who is already organising revision logistics for May exams.

The Whip headed to the Wills Memorial Library to meet with this year’s most prepared examinee, Jenny Hunter, 19, who studies Aerospace Engineering and Film.

We sat down with Jenny for a brief interview to ask her a few questions about his exam preparation and see if he had any tips for his fellow undergraduates.

TW: So, Jenny, why the early preparation?

N: Well, I’m in the unique position of having to revise rom-coms and rockets, so I really need to pull my finger out and start preparation for revision. In fact, I’ve already made a draft plan on my phone to hopefully think about revising soon, potentially, I guess.

TW: What does this plan include then? Can you talk us through a typical day?

N: If there’s anything I’ve learnt from juggling the two most difficult courses at undergraduate level, it’s the importance of managing your time effectively, but also including plenty of breaks when you need them, so make sure you highlight them clearly on your plan by colour coding.

As for a typical day, it goes a little something like this: Wake-up at 9am and have a decaffeinated, soy milk latte. Think about making a plan for the rest of the day, because you don’t just want to rush into making a plan, and you want to have plenty of time to let it formulate in your head. That’s it really. Just remember to include a decent two-hour break for lunch, because rushing mealtimes just increases stress.

TW: And finally, what tips would you have for fellow students if your traditional methods of highly detailed planned revision don’t work for them? What would you do if you were in that situation?

N: So if I was getting stressed about exams, which I’m definitely not, and were considering other techniques in order to cram effectively other than lots and lots of plans, which I’m definitely not, I might think fuck it, throw this plan away, and take a load of Modafinil.

Alex Brown

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