Bristol DJ on Easter break returns to life as home counties grouse hunter

The double life continues!

Stoke Bishop resident DJ Matthew King has headed home for the Easter break to resume his life as a grouse marksman on his estate.

The politics student left on a high, having put on his first ‘night’ at Basement 45, which featured him and some friends he had met at the races on the decks. He spoke with The Whip about his journey as a student DJ.

“I’ve known I wanted to be a DJ for some time now. In fact, from the moment I first set foot in Lakota in my third week at Bristol, I could tell it was for me.

“I’d gone out to a jungle night, expecting rattles, koras, bongos, etcetera. Of course, I had quite a surprise when I arrived to hear the repetition of one aggressive machine drum beat all evening. I thought their PA might be kaput, or that it was some avant-garde warm-up act for the real jungle band.

“Then someone told me that this was actually the music people like, and that playing it is a one-way ticket to the cool table. All you have to do is buy one of these deck machines, stand behind it as if you’re doing something, and play this crap out of the sound system. So, I gave my mum a call and she transferred me the money to buy one. I haven’t looked back.

“I’m smashing it here. But, as Stormzy said in his speech at the Brit Awards last year – big up – it’s important not to forget your roots. I can’t wait to get home this weekend a nail some grouse with the local farmers. Apparently, Mum’s got me a present waiting too – I reckon it’s some new burgundy Le Chameaux wellies!”

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