Philosophy students furious to be bound to social construct of ‘essay deadline’

The ‘existence of time’ is an illegitimate premise on which to base such stringent criteria.

A second year Philosophy student has faced backlash from peers for comments made at a rally against formative essay deadlines.

Sam MacTaggart openly criticised the use of deadlines by his department in a series of tweets claiming the ‘existence of time’ was an assumed and illegitimate premise on which to base such stringent criteria.

He later proposed an alternative to the current system, suggesting the introduction of ‘one essay about a topic that you quite enjoy that can get submitted, like, whenever’.

In an interview with one of his peers, who wishes to remain anonymous, it was made apparent that Sam had ‘only turned up to one seminar’ and was repeatedly seen ‘browsing surreal nihilistic Facebook meme pages’ during lectures.

Sam responded directly to The Whip, noting ‘Philosophy shouldn’t be confined by grades and deadlines – it’s not what Sartre or Camus would have wanted’.

The University is yet to release a statement in light of his comments, however Sam is hoping that his complaints will spur restructuring in the department.

His hope stems from recent changes made at UCL after a Physics student refused to sit their quantum mechanics exam due to claims that the marking would be ‘indeterminate’ and so meaningless.

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