Home friends ‘a little more racist than I remember’ worries returning second year

A troubling development.

As students nationwide make the thrice-yearly migration home, one second year student has been left quietly uneasy at the controversial attitudes of certain members of his school friendship group.

Instead of coming home to the cosy comforts of a familiar abode, Tom Harvey found himself faced with a tide of xenophobia the likes of which he was previously unaccustomed to.

The Whip caught up with the shocked returnee.

“It started off pretty inconspicuously, but the warning signs were there,” Tom explained.

“I mean, they’d never before exhibited any outward signs of bigotry… Sure, there was the odd comment here and there, but every group does that, right?

“But now there’s no denying the difference between my home and uni friends. I mean, sitting round my parents’ kitchen table trying desperately to un-hear racial slurs is a far cry from fervently debating in support of the Extinction Rebellion protest campaign before Indigo, as I did last Thursday in Manchester.

“I think it clicked after the fiftieth EDL retweet. That or the recital of the “Rivers of Blood” speech at Spoons.

“I’m all for free speech, but I think this was a bit much.”

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