‘April Fools!’ exclaims God as he reveals he doesn’t exist

A real Easter surprise!

The global Christian community was left disappointed today after their beloved leader, God, revealed that he actually ‘doesn’t exist’, and in no plausible sense ever has.

In what has been one of the biggest revelations since the bible or the creation of the universe, the former deity has been confirmed as serial prankster Barney Harwood.

Harwood, acclaimed for his work on the CBBC classic Prank Patrol, explained that ‘God’ was merely a character from a devised piece he was working on.

The news has led protests and calls for compensation for past church donations. A number of lawsuits have been filed against the Archbishop of Canterbury, parish vicars and school chaplains, as well as Harwood and the Vatican.

The latter released a statement on Twitter in response to the news, assuring followers that they were ‘entirely unaware that God was completely fabricated by a British children’s television TV comic, albeit an established and well-regarded one’.

Sceptics have raised questions regarding the legitimacy of the statement made by Harwood, claiming that ‘the chronology simply doesn’t make sense’ and arguing ‘he looks like he’s about 38-years-old, not 13.7 billion – the calculated age of the universe’.

Harwood released some details regarding the execution of the prank itself, admitting that he thought he’d been rumbled by Martin Luther in the 1517 Protestant Reformation.

The Whip is yet to contact Harwood directly but spoke to the Christian Union at Bristol University, gaining some insight into the impact that the news has had on the local faith community. The president confirmed the news hasn’t affected plans for the annual easter egg hunt or the union’s summer fete.

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