Hugh Brady proposes Easter egg hunt to help lecturers to find rest of pension

Finally he offers a real solution!

After months of strike action over proposed changes to lecturer pensions, Bristol University Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady has found a seasonal solution: an easter Egg hunt. By doing so, lecturers will be able to retire at age 85 with a generous pension of £5,000 a year.

The Easter egg hunt will be held on College Green, once a year. Mr Brady predicts that it will be able to fund not just pensions for lecturers at Bristol, but every single British university. This will save universities millions of pounds that would otherwise be wasted on teaching staff. The money saved can be used on innovative projects like increasing executive pay.

Chocolate giant Cadbury have offered to sponsor the scheme as part of their charitable commitment to the Great British Education System. VC Brady has recommended that this sponsorship money is used to supplement his meagre salary of £323,000 per year.

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