Confused law student wanting to become barrister accidentally becomes barista

‘To be honest, I’m just glad to have a job.’

Job hunting can be a difficult and stressful process for graduates. Many receive countless rejections from firms they have always dreamed of working for, despite being qualified, competent and passionate.

However, third year law student Jenny Miller has managed to stay out of the fray, bagging a ‘trainee barista’ position at a Leeds Costa branch.

After a week of trying to contact Jenny, The Whip managed to book an appointment to see her, despite her new busy schedule.

“They’re trusting me to do a lot, even on my first day I was serving clients. I actually recognise some from Canal Mills, but I’m always confidential – it’s the law. And I know tons about the law.

“The biggest thing is that I really didn’t realise barristers did all this food and hospitality stuff – the role has lots of of variety. I thought it was gonna just be, like, reading about GBH and insurance, but it’s much more active.

“It’s bizarre how poorly law firms like Costa advertise these kind of positions – but why should I care, I got the gig! And I’m pretty well suited – having to remember all those case studies during my undergrad really set me up for memorising the regulars’ favourite hot beverages.

“That stuff can admittedly be a touch tedious, and it wasn’t made clear at Uni that that was part of being a lawyer, but really I’m just glad to have a job.

‘Do you want your latte pumpkin spiced?”

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