Lunchtime excited to reclaim top-spot as highlight of your miserable library day

‘Cig break’ came in at a close second!

With exams fast approaching, students are getting back into the swing of long, laborious library days. For months, the highlight of every student’s daily routine was ‘going home’.

But, where going home previously involved Berkeley for a bevvie and then a good ol’ boogie at ‘Bargs, it now consists only of worrying and crying.

The fight for the top spot has now valiantly but undoubtedly been won by ‘lunchtime’, closely followed by ‘cig breaks’ and ‘bumping into your library crush on unnecessarily long walks to the furthest-away toilet’.

Lunchtime reclaimed its long-held position with ease – after all, you just can’t beat a tasteless, soggy meal deal or last night’s pesto pasta.

The Whip caught up with lunchtime at lunchtime, over lunch: ‘I’m absolutely pumped to be in this position again’ it exclaimed.

‘I’m really enthusiastic about offering overpriced Source Café sushi, as well as overhearing the tedious, meaningless revision chats of these privileged twats.

‘I thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the looks of despair and hopelessness on their faces as they count down the minutes until they have to continue staring into the distance and browsing flights to ‘Dam.’

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