Student begins 30 day hike to Coombe Dingle for first summer exam

A long and perilous journey.

Sightings were reported this morning of geography student Tom Hughes leaving his city centre flat in preparation for the long hike to Coombe Dingle for his first exam, ‘Fundamentals of Modern Glaciology.’

The first year was equipped with a large hiking bag, a roll mat, and was sporting two high-performance hiking poles to aid him in pulling a sled filled with revision notes up the notably iceless pavements.

Catching up with him as he neared the Harbourside, Mr Hughes told The Whip that he hoped to pitch on College Green before sundown, before striking camp at dawn to begin the trek towards Park Street summit the next morning.

‘With a bit of luck I should be at the top of Whiteladies Road by mid-May,’ he said ‘from there I’ll take a couple of rest days to check my supplies before heading off across the downs.’

In a statement the British Mountaineering Council decried Tom’s solo attempt at such a long walk as ‘foolhardy,’ saying ‘our advice remains, as it always has, that nobody should try to make long expeditions of this kind alone. That said, we wish Mr Hughes the best of luck on his endeavour and hope he returns safely, with a 2:1.’

When asked for comment about why she did not accompany him on the expedition, flatmate and fellow geography undergrad Lauren Belvedere said she would ‘probably just get an Uber on the day.’

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