Delhi University undergraduate to host ‘posh Bristol idiots’ themed 21st

Prize for the best ‘insensitive brit’ costume!

An undergraduate at Delhi University made headlines recently after his decision to host a ‘posh Bristol idiots’ themed 21st birthday party.

Prajit Kumar, 21, explained that he chose the theme to celebrate the ‘rich cultural heritage of the insensitive Bristolian moron’ in all its shapes and forms.

The event was officially called ‘A Night in a Stokes Croft Crack Den’, and featured the following description:

‘Entitled student meets homeless chic; think the lovechild of Nigel Farage and Jared Leto. A luxurious yet debauched throwback to the glory days of late noughties Bristol when students and teachers lived side by side in harmony’.

Kumar said of the occasion:

‘I hear it’s popular in Bristol to have an end-of-season curry with the lads, so to flip that on its head I decided that the catering should include bangers and mash with Eton mess for pudding’.

To keep the theme student-centric, Sainsbury’s Basic pizzas were also on offer alongside a selection of pasta pesto blinis and Co-Op finger sandwiches.

Kumar himself attended the event dressed in battered suede loafers, sandy chinos and a pale blue Oxford-collared shirt with a colourless fish and chips-stained tie. To complete the look, he left a spliff hanging out of his mouth and asked his guests throughout the night whether they ‘had a rizla mate’.

He also added that ‘crusty stoner Pranav “PRANNERS” Singh will be spinning the Custard Creams to close out the night, so bring your shelliest Reeboks’.

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