Sixth-former accepted through clearing, gets eyebrow piercing, moves to North London

The natural progression.

After surviving the gruelling process of the UCAS form, the monotony of open days and finally the exams themselves, Sasha Stone this morning contacted The Whip to express her excitement at being accepted to the University of Bristol.

The Whip understands that within an hour of receiving her results Sasha had downloaded the depop app, pierced her left eyebrow and relocated her entire family to the Hampstead Heath area.

We caught up with her in her newly-purchased house to chat about how her life has changed this morning, and how she’s preparing for life as an undergrad.

‘Well I’ve become edgier for sure, anyone could tell you that’ she shrugged, gesturing towards the revolting bar of metal jutting from two swollen fissures straddling her eyebrow.

When asked about the motivation behind the piercing, she sighed, rolling her eyes.

‘I just kinda thought “fuck it”, you know? My older brother went to Bristol and came home after first term with a slit in his eyebrow, so I thought I may as well step it up a notch.’

She proceeded to take off her leopard-print beret, move across her bedroom and unpack a Himalayan salt lamp from its 100% biodegradable boxing.

‘According to my older brother, trends move fast in Bristol. So I wanted to catch it while it’s hot, be one step ahead.’

Conversation swiftly moved onto her recent move to North London.

‘I’ve heard rumours that at Bristol, if you’re not from London, you don’t actually exist. So as soon as I got my results this morning, I begged daddy to buy me a flat in NW3. Plus that way, I can move to London literally four seconds after I graduate, whilst I do an advertising grad-scheme!’

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