Mo Salah sells LSTD ticket on Clifton and Stoke Bishop following Liverpool win

Something’s come up that weekend.

Liverpool footballer Mohammed Salah has posted on the Clifton and Stoke Bishop tickets page, in attempt to sell his ticket for Bristol’s day festival, Love Saves The Day.

With his Liverpool colleague, Dejan Lovren, posting a comment viciously accusing him of being a ‘fake seller’, the Premier League top scorer’s post has attracted some attention. The Whip spoke with Salah.

‘I have been in Italy the last few years, and on my return to England, I immediately booked an early bird ticket for my favourite festival. I first did LSTD a few years back, with the Chelsea boys. I don’t drink, so had never really had an interest in going to these sorts of things, but the FOMO was just too much. In the end, I actually ended up having the time of my life.

‘Yesterday, I told Jurgen, the Liverpool boss, that I’d just never expected Liverpool to make the Champions League final – and asked if I could have the day off for the festy. Sadly, though, he came down on me pretty hard, and shouted at me: “if you don’t sell that fucking ticket Mo, I’ll sell Alberto Moreno!”

‘Obviously I didn’t want to mess up his future, so I put it online today. Not gonna lie – I am really disappointed. But I’m hoping to get the weekend off in September to go to Tokyo World!

‘Dejan’s really fucked me with that comment though – I’m not sure whether it’ll sell now. I messaged him this morning and he said it was just a joke. But it’s such a shit one that I’m not sure people will understand. He’s a weird bloke.’

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