Student in bottomless pit of work can’t decide whether to play Fortnite or HQ Trivia at 3pm

With exams and due-dates drawing ever closer, most students across the country have gone into a revision-induced hibernation period. One third year, however, approached The Whip to report that he has entirely more pressing concerns.

Ben Flips, a third year Politics student, explained the stress he feels on a daily basis, as he faces the important dilemma of whether to play Fortnite or HQ Trivia (‘two games that I’m never going to fucking win anyway’) as means of procrastinating from his studies.

‘I guess that when it comes to both games, much like my exams, I’m doomed to fail. I’ve got to choose between getting killed thirty seconds into a game of Fortnite or getting to the fourth round on HQ only to be faced with a question about the meaning of life.

At least with my degree I get to keep the prize for myself rather than share it with strangers.’

It seems that choosing between these two forms of distractions is one of the hardest decisions anyone will ever make, and The Whip encourages anyone who feels under pressure at this difficult time to seek support from family, friends or services provided by the University, such as the new ‘green space’ on the first floor of the ASS.