Puppies now massively worried about exams after ‘puppy petting stress relief’ event

Poor pups!

In an unforeseen turn of events, dozens of puppies have today approached The Whip to express a sudden influx of exam-induced anxiety.

The puppies explained how this new nervousness was brought on after their pivotal role in the ‘Pop-Up Puppy Petting: student stress relief’ event which look place in the SU earlier this week.

The student body’s growing worry about exams, deadlines and the great-unknown of graduating was apparently passed on the fluffy canines, in a stress-transferal system that experts are calling ‘second-hand stress’, which apparently works in the same way as second hand smoke.

According to reports, students left the event care-free, skipping down Queens Road humming merrily, while the puppies remained in the Anson Rooms biting their nails, pacing the room and frantically calculating the minimum mark they had to achieve to secure a 2:1.

The Whip reached out to one anxious pup who had this to say:

‘As a family we feel completely used, I thought we really were man’s best friend. Friendship works two ways but we felt this wasn’t the case. Friendship is about sniffing each other’s butts not just one person doing all the work!’

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