’24 Hours in A&E’ remarkably similar to 24-hour history exam

The gruesome hit show is known for its candid portrayal of people in need.

With the agony of 24-hour exams here once again, commentators have drawn parallels between the emotional turmoil experienced by history students subject to the cruel assessments and patients who appear on popular Channel 4 documentary series ’24 Hours in A&E’.

‘It’s so dramatic, there are just these poor people who’ve suffered a tragedy and you’re hoping they’ll make it through their ordeal. You see them in hours of agony and stress, their entire families worried to their core, oftentimes because they might not make it through.

‘And sometimes they do, they come out the other side broken, shaken, battered, bruised and emotionally crippled by their trauma, but still alive, still breathing.’ One student explained to The Whip.

‘But you know what? I guess other people get through similar things. Those people on that 24 Hours in A&E show have it pretty tough, they can be really poorly too.’

‘Thinking about it, watching the hard work of those medical staff who tirelessly save lives reminds me of students who rush around the ASS to get all the books out; it shows amazing determination. Maybe the two are more similar than I realised, haha.’

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