Students yet to finish exams announce new ‘Hate Saves the Day’ festival

Tickets are selling fast!

A third year Biomedical student has announced a brand new festival that is to take place in Bristol this weekend: Hate Saves the Day.

According to reports, Mathilda Baron, 21, who still has three more exams to complete next week, was so sick of hearing her boujee friends talk about Love Saves the Day that she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The Whip contacted Ms. Baron for comment.

“I can’t attend Love Saves the Day because of my exams, and resent this massively. All I’ve been hearing about for the last week is how my flatmates can’t wait to sling their jaws around Eastville Park, or how they’re ‘soooo stoked’ to see Mall Grab.

“I mean, is it really worth £80 to spend a rainy day in a field pretending to know music that your mates think they like, or wrestling your way through a crowd of be-glittered trust fund tragedies just to say you saw the top of Sampha’s head?

“Hate Saves the Day is the antithesis of that.

“The idea is simple: a group of people sit in silence working for their exams, rueing the fact that all their friends are out having fun. Entry is free because we’ve already paid a huge price for the courses we’ve chosen.

“The first performer comes on at 10: It’s me, crying into a microphone. This act is a B2B with my friend Charlotte who will be performing her latest single ‘I Resent My Tutors’, available on all digital platforms from Monday.

“The afternoon acts include The Feeling (Of Regret), a group of Veterinary students who have multiple exams left, and 5 Minutes of Summer, a Geologist boyband who are spending 7 weeks on the Isle of Skye throughout July and August.”

The Whip understands that tickets are selling fast, so if YOU can’t make it to Love Saves the Day make sure to get entry to this exciting new festival!

Ed Strang

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