Lounge books Ainsley Harriott in response to Gordon Ramsey’s Gravity night

Who’s your favourite celeb chef?

The Lounge Clifton has booked celebrity chef, Ainsley Harriot to compete with Gravity’s BED Kitchen Nightmares event.

The prestigious Clifton hang out, which recently put touch of class into its brand by dropping the ‘Lizard’ from its name, has taken things to the next level. It is reported that The Lounge is paying whopping £500 to secure the services of the real-life Ainsley Harriot for the night. The Whip spoke with the club’s owner to find out some details.

‘We are really excited to announce that Ainsley will be joining us on 1st June for a one-off Ready Steady Lizard event. He is thrilled to have finally secured a gig to reprise his role as the anchor of a show. We’re pretty chuffed, as we managed to get him for £100 less than the Gordon Ramsay impersonator they’ve got next door.

‘We’ve heard that this Ramsay impersonator will be handing out fried chicken, but we’ve got something a bit more exciting on offer. In a special tribute to our heritage, Ainsley’s gonna be dishing out his special barbecued lizard.

‘It’s a recipe he’s had under wraps for years now, as he didn’t feel the British public was ready for such exotica. But when we got in touch with him, he was adamant that this is the perfect opportunity to introduce it.’

Ainsley will be around in The Lounge from 10pm on Friday for photos. The lizard goes on the BBQ at midnight. Don’t miss out!

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