Massive pile of bills on doormat traced back to great-grandtenants

An incredible discovery.

Excited genealogists yesterday announced that a haul of unpaid bills found in a local Redland house have successfully been traced back generations to the occupiers’ great-grandtenants.

The Whip caught up with the current residents this afternoon.

The news has come as a shock to Politics undergraduate Henry Jones, who initially found the unopened letters. ‘‘I simply can’t believe it’’ he explained. ‘‘What was found here is nothing short of living history; a tangible bridge to the past. Who’d have thought that previous generations were just as disorganised as us?’’

The second year continued, ‘‘to think that those very documents were quickly glanced over and then stepped on by my great-grandtenants makes me quite emotional. Plus, it might save me from having to do any field work for my dissertation.’’

The discovery left the other occupants equally flabbergasted.

“It really makes you see how alike we are despite the generation gap. There are loads of similarities’’ Biology student Kathy McCall remarked, pointing to one of the documents.

“You can see there, they were once with Southern Electric, which is who we’re with! And if you look at the inscription here, you can see they owed them £600 pounds – again, just like us! Amazing!’’

The Whip understands that Kathy and Henry intend to donate the bills to the Bristol museum for their upcoming collection entitled ‘demands for payment through time’.

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